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Creating Peace

Can we permanently stop war and terrorism?

If 50 demonstration projects and 23 published scientific studies can be believed, then the answer is Yes.

If this large body of evidence is accurate, groups of peace-creating experts can dramatically reduce violent crime, terrorism, and war. The ancient sages were correct about the peace-creating power of human consciousness. Modern science and timeless wisdom have come together in a practical, powerful technology of peace.

Peace Creating Group This newly verified technology makes use of large groups of peace-creating experts. The inner peace generated by such a peace-creating group radiates into society as an influence of harmony and coherence. The effect can easily be measured as reduced crime, terrorism and war. Detailed information on this technology can be found at the Permanent Peace website.

Knowledge is power. This discovery is offered to all who love peace – and to all who wish to end war and terrorism. With this knowledge all citizens of the world have the power to create peace worldwide. This timeless knowledge about the power of consciousness has been brought to light by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and validated thoroughly in scientific research. There is no need to search further for a way to bring peace to our world.

The use of groups of peace-creating experts is time-tested, stemming from the Vedic tradition, the most ancient source of knowledge about consciousness and meditation.

What is the Plan?

To create permanent world peace, the plan is to establish peace-creating groups around the world, on every level – local, national, and global – experiencing Transcendental Consciousness (the state of inner peace) to create an influence of peace so powerful and pervasive that warfare and terrorism simply cease to exist. There are several elements to this plan.

16,000 peace-creating experts in India: The centerpiece of the plan for permanent world peace is the creation of a permanent group of 16,000 peace-creating experts in the centre of India. Such a group will be much larger than any peace-creating group yet gathered anywhere in the world. Repeated research shows that the peace-creating effect increases as the square of the number of meditation experts involved. This group will greatly exceed the peace-creating power of all previous groups.

Peace Palaces: Peace Palaces are planned for the world's largest 3,000 cities. Each of these new buildings, constructed in accord with the laws of nature, will be centres for large groups of peace-creating experts to practice the Vedic technologies of peace. In addition, they will offer a wide range of programs to reduce stress, promote physical health, and unfold the mental potential of the local citizens.

Centre for Peace on Salt Spring Island

A Centre for Peace has been established on Salt Spring Island where meditators practicing the Transcendental Meditation program® and its advanced techniques can create coherence for the island. This group practice also contributes to coherent national consciousness – the unit of world peace.

In addition, this Peace Centre offers a wide range of programs to reduce individual stress and anxiety, and to develop ideal health and total brain functioning – all stemming from the Vedic tradition. At this Centre everyone is invited to learn the Transcendental Meditation program, its advanced techniques, and the TM-Sidhi® program, including Yogic Flying. In addition, Vedic programs are offered for physical health through a natural, integrated system of holistic care – Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health; for architecture based on natural law – Maharishi Sthapatya Veda; for music that creates a harmonious, peaceful atmosphere – Maharishi Gandharva Veda; and for the prediction and prevention of ill fortune – Maharishi Jyotish and Yagya programs.

What can I do?

We invite all people who love peace – all people who wish to help protect their nations against terrorism and put an end to warfare – to join this peace-creating group.

In a world torn apart by terrorism and war, it seems not just sensible, but morally responsible, to support the only peace-creating program that has been thoroughly verified scientifically.

You can make a difference:

  1. Join our peace-creating group – Learn the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs and become part of this group of peace-creating experts on Salt Spring.
  2. Spread the word – Send the people on your email list a link to this site.

Create Permanent World Peace

It's no longer necessary to wish or hope for peace. You can help create peace directly by learning these simple technologies of peace. Contact the Maharishi Invincibility Centre on Salt Spring Island at for more information.

Make a difference today!

The Maharishi Invincibility Centre is working in conjunction with a non-profit charitable organization, Maharishi International Academy, which has been promoting world peace for more than thirty years. We appreciate your support.

Let's work together to create a peaceful world.

The hypothesis definitely raised some eyebrows among our reviewers. But the statistical work is sound. The numbers are there. Taken at face value, this evidence indicates the discovery of a new technology to generate peace.

Raymond Russ, PhD
Prof. of Psychology
University of Maine
Editor, Journal of Mind and Behavior

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