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Welcome to Salt Spring Island!

"Find peace and tranquility on Salt Spring Island."
- Vancouver Sun

Salt Spring Island offers "the best in rural living."
- Harrowsmith Country Life

View from Mt. Maxwell

What makes Salt Spring so special?

Salt Spring Island has long been known as an ideal destination for vacationers. Its pristine beauty and mild climate draw thousands of visitors every year to this oasis of green surrounded by the Strait of Georgia.

Many city-weary folk have sought out its secluded forests and mountaintops to build their private retreats. Art lovers have revelled in the rich displays at the Saturday market and at the many Artists' Studios dotted all around the island.

What draws people to Salt Spring? You will hear many answers to that question:

  • the mildest climate in Canada
  • the picturesque landscape and spectacular views
  • the relaxing and nourishing pace of the community

However, there is a deeper quality here - a quality of consciousness, a quality that nourishes the soul and allows for full development of inner spiritual growth.

Island of Peace

North Salt Spring IslandMaharishi Mahesh Yogi, who brought the Transcendental Meditation® program to the world over fifty years ago, has named this area one of the five most sattvic (pure) places on earth to live. Maharishi declared Salt Spring Island to be "an Island of Peace" from which a new world of affluence and peace will be established.

It is time for the peace-loving citizens of the world to take action. Strong evidence indicates that we can actually put an end to terrorism and war. If governments won't act on this discovery, then we, the people, can do it ourselves. We can take peace into our own hands.

To promote a peaceful world, a group of meditators on Salt Spring have gathered together as a community based on consciousness. Using Vedic technologies of peace, this group is radiating a powerful influence of coherence and peace throughout Salt Spring Island and British Columbia. These verified technologies of consciousness neutralize the collective tensions that are at the basis of conflict and violence.

We invite peace-loving people everywhere to explore our web site. Find out how you can learn these peace-creating technologies. Let's work together to make permanent world peace a reality today!

Arbutus trees Fulford Harbour Salt Spring forest Colourful Salt Spring View to the northeast Organic Bakery